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Florida Canary Fanciers
Type & Color Canary Show
Finches and Softbills
29th Annual Show
was held December 7, 2024
Krull-Smith Orchid Nursery
2800 W Ponkan Rd,
Apopka, FL 32712



David Perryman (Ireland)  - Bench 1 Type                Robert Trincado (USA) - Bench 4 Colorbred
Winfield Checkly (USA) - Bench 2 Type                     Gene Perez (Puerto Rico) - Bench 3 Finches & Softbill         


Once judging is completed, Judges will conduct seminars and answer question. Tickets will be available for Friday Night Dinner/Opening Ceremony & Saturday Lunch (all welcome)

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Florida Canary Fanciers, Inc ~ Show Itinerary
Florida Canary Fanciers, Inc ~ Show Catalog Download
Florida Canary Fanciers, Inc ~ Show Direction/Map & Parking

Keep checking back for updates leading up to our 2024 show

Any questions or concerns. . . Contact:

Florida Canary Fanciers as all clubs could not survive without the aid and support of many.  Shows take many volunteers and financial support to offer shows year after year.  We thank our corporate and individual show sponsors for how much their help is so highly appreciated.  Please recognize them as we do and support them as they do us.  All our thanks to each and every one.  Visit our Sponsors page and help support those who support our Annual Show.

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